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WHS Welcomes STEM Committee

WHS is very pleased to welcome our new STEM committee members! These ladies have taken the WHS STEM initiative to the next level developing relationships with local school districts, managing our interface with field trips cross the region, and chaperoning for the numerous trips scheduled in April and May! We want to thank them for the time and dedication to the cause!

Special thanks to HWC, Inc. for their exceptional dedication and donation of resources to make this year's STEM field trips a success!

Welcome and Thank you to:

Lori Gordon, Director, WHS STEM Initiative and Senior Associate, HWC

Emily Ohland, Senior Manager, HWC and WHS Board Member

Anjali Dighe, Independent Consultant

Kara Sidener, SSA, FBI

Sharla Rausch, formerly with S&T, DHS, retired

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