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What A Unique Experience! Ideaventions' Trip to Fairfax Urban Search and Rescue

What a unique experience! We loved getting an opportunity to visit and learn more about the Fairfax Urban Search and Rescue. Many times, we take our public safety services for granted and don't even realize the work that is happening within our community and how members of our local community are impacting and helping the world community. Fairfax Urban Search and Rescue was a multi-disciplinary field trip in that we were able to learn about the technologies that are employed in the field, which for our kids, was a treat. We also had the opportunity to learn about the role of the K-9 unit in operations which gave us an opportunity to discuss how robots could be employed to keep the dogs safe. Lastly, the location of where Fairfax Urban Search and Rescue is located, the former juvenile detention center, provided us an impromptu teaching moment as we learned about a bit of our county's history and got a glimpse into the criminal justice system. Having an opportunity to visit and learn about Fairfax Urban Search and Rescue is an invaluable experience, as it's not something the kids can do with their parents on any given weekend. Thank you WHS-STEM for providing us with this amazing opportunity!

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