Since 2012, Women in Homeland Security (WHS) has been connecting students with exciting hands-on field trips related to homeland and national security. With minimal poster boards and no lecturing, WHS focuses on bringing the coolest STEM out there to our next generation of STEM leaders. Geared toward kids who may not realize the many exciting STEM opprutunities that are available to them and extending the possibilities  for those who do, we work with both the public and private sector to feature the latest advancements to support the most pressing issues -- cyber security, drones, robotics, weaponry, mission support, martime engineering, and much more.  


Engage with WHS STEM to experience what STEM can do to protect, secure, and make our nation more resilient.



Whether you are an aspiring STEM student, or a school interested in enriching your Science, Technology, Engineering & Math curriculum, connect with the Women in Homeland Security STEM effort to visit some of the coolest, hands-on STEM experiences in the nation.



The potential in homeland and national security STEM career fields is limitless. Cyber security, advanced technologies, the internet of everything (IoE), drones, encyrption, are all in the headlines daily.  But how do kids in middle and highschool understand the possibilties?  By getting engaged early, and learning about them with hands-on field trips that SHOW them what they can do with their future.


Join us.  It's that easy.  

If you are a government agency that works in homeland and national security, a company engaged with building the technologies and systems that protect the nation, or simpy a "STEM Cheerleader," help us inspire our next generation.  Join us to us engage our future STEM leaders and find the next cutting edge technology, application, progam, or break through. 


Our Partners

Code Ninjas
Code Ninjas offers a unique service to students between the ages of 7 and 14 of after-school, drop-in, and summer programs for kids to learn about computer programming, coding, math, and logic and teamwork through gaming. In addition to learning about coding, our students make lasting friendships and build self-esteem.
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Our Schools

Our Schools

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Ideaventions Academy
Stone Ridge
Montgomery County Public Schools
Fairfax County Public Schools
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OCTO Consulting

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