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Become a STEM Youth Ambassador.

Kalyna White, The Madeira School
Alexis C. N. Kemp, Lakeshore High
Katherine Shin, Stoneridge School
Kayla Simpson, Stoneridge
Sasha Dodzin, Ideaventions Academy
Sam Vaudo, Ideaventions Academy

Hello! And Welcome!

Welcome to the WHS STEM Initiative!  As the Youth Ambassador to the WHS Board for STEM, I work closely with the leadership of WHS to engage my school and my peers to attend and engage in STEM activities.  I served as the liaison between my school and WHS as we planned visits to the U.S. Secret Service Forensic Labs and to Lockheed Martin.  The U.S. Secret Service was a BIG hit — and so was flying a helicopter around D.C. at the Lockheed Martin Global Innovation Center!


Now I work with the Board to bring information on STEM to WHS events, like our annual BBQ Cook-Off, provide input to the development of our field trips and website, post STEM related information on our Facebook page, and anything else we can do!


I don’t consider myself a “STEM” kid, but the jobs and projects that you can do with STEM are exciting and I am now considering things I didn’t even know about!  You can read my article about our trip in the WHS newsletter.

We’d really like you to get involved — kids and adults alike!  


How can YOU bring STEM to your school, your friends, and your larger world community? Check out all the ways as a Youth Ambassador!


Your School & Friends

  • Serve as WHS’ STEM leadership in schools -- Lead efforts at your school, get the proper permissions to participate, help us organize in your state, and serve as a mentor to more junior kids who are interested in STEM.

  • Learn what STEM topics kids in your school really want to hear about - Organize a poll on Survey Monkey and share the results with WHS – we’ll find and share those technologies in a field trip or by posting information on our website.

  • Get your teachers and administrative staff involved - Ask for more information on your school curriculum to see what types of field trips might make sense for your school and enrich the learning of particular subjects - let WHS know and we can design a field trip!


Your Larger Community

  • Post your STEM ideas and interests online - Whether it's the WHS stem website or the Facebook page, create a rhythm to check in and chat about all things STEM!  Like the STEM Facebook page here.

  • Get your parents on board - Talk about cool STEM topics you've seen at the dinner table. For example, what STEM camps have you found out about? 

  • Build your resume - Summarize your experience as a STEM Ambassador and the activities that you helped to lead and coordinate.  Share those on our Facebook page to inspire others!

  • Tap into your love of writing… and get published! Go beyond writing for school assignments -- explore science and technical writing. For example, write up a summary of your field trip experience or some cool facts that you’ve found scouting around the web. Submit to WHS STEM and we'll post it here and in our newsletter!

Look forward to meeting you!

Kalyna White

Kalyna White, WHS Youth STEM Ambassador to the WHS Board of Directors, with two border patrol agents at a conversation about border security.  

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