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The WHS STEM initiative is a grassroots effort by those who are committed to the security of our nation.  Just as the nation is struggling to find the STEM skills necessary to maintain America's economic and national security, so does the government.  Competing with higher paying jobs in the private sector, the limited number of STEM graduates in the United States, and the lack of diversity in STEM, the WHS STEM initiative strives to nurture our next generation of STEM in public service to homeland security by introducing students to the missions of securing the nation.

Through individual and corporate donations, WHS has served hundreds of students -- introducing them to STEM in a "the coolest way possible."  Our work would not be possible without the people who commit their companies to supporting our efforts, individuals who donate a pizza, or those who tirelessly volunteer to make these events happen.  HUGE thanks and appreciation to all of them.  

Contact us for more information on sponsorship.




(Gifts $250 - $2500)

OUR SUPER STARS (Gifts of over $100)
Debbie Dowling
Twyla Garrett
Leslie Hope
Traci Lembke
Steven Lowery
Suzanne Novak
Eileen Parise
Richard Rampersaud
Ivy Ryerson
Andrea Stone
Tracy Townsend
OUR SHINING STARS (Gifts of up to $100)
Kathleen Blasco
Courtney Bromley
Anna Burton
Stephen Colen
Mary Ellen Condon
Anjali Dighe
Cindy Faith
Jennifer Fritz
Christine Gaugler
Joel Griffin
Courtney Hammond
Mary Hanson
Lilly Harris
Judith Harroun-Lord
Yvette LaGonterie
Jan Lane
Reyna McGrail
Sandra Mestre
Carolyn Muir
Claire Niech
Emily Ohland
Carol Ostrowski
Katherine Parramore
Cathy Partridge
Christopher Pathe
Sunita Pradhan
Shelley Rappaport
Sharla Rausch
Anne Reed
Randolph (Randy) Reid
Michelle Sangiuliano
Pamela Sharpe
Jim Williams
David Yang
Roger Yasin
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