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WHS STEM Hosts Display at WHS Charity BBQ Cook-Off

WHS STEM hosted a table at the 5th Annual WHS Charity BBQ cook-off to benefit the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. STEM ambassadors Kalyna White and Kayla Simpson organized STEM activities for children under 8 to show kids all the "STEM" they may be enjoying and not even know! We also gained a few new ambassadors along the way! The STEM display board featured fun facts about stem, sign up sheets, and information about the field trips. The STEM Ambassadors worked with dozens of kids, engaging them in engineering games (building blocks), coloring pages, math puzzles and other activities they set up at the table. The Kalyna and Kayla also reached out to many interested parents to get their kids and their children's schools involved in the initiative.

Big thanks to the Homeland Security Investigations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement BBQ Team that connected us to the HSI Cyber Center tour!

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