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WHS STEM: Helping to Shape Homeland Security Curriculum in Schools

WHS STEM is proud to be partnering with schools to help shape and roll out their homeland security curriculums! At the Montgomery County Public School's (MCPS) Homeland Security Pathway Open House we presented alongside school administrators to share with students and parents how our WHS STEM programs align to the new Homeland Security curriculum. We discussed upcoming speaker topics and field trips in cybersecurity, intelligence, and incident response. We also answered some great questions about homeland security careers with hundreds of curious students and parents, including: "What kind of classes should I take to get a job in the field of homeland security?" "What's the difference between law enforcement and emergency management?" "How can I sign up for WHS STEM field trips?" We are excited to be involved in educational opportunities to bring students into the world of STEM, and encouraging the bright homeland security community of tomorrow!

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