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WHS Thanks our Supporters for Pizza!!

As people familiar with the WHS STEM initiative are aware, a fun treat that caps off our field trips is a pizza lunch for the kids. With over 400 kids joining us on April 26th, and numerous others throughout the May, the bill gets quite large!

To help with these costs, WHS has developed a "Go Fund Me" campaign and reached out to our broader community for some help. We want to send out a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated $25-$500 for the treat!

We could not do it without support from the following people and companies.

Suzanne Novak Anjali Dighe Anne Reed Carolyn Muir Stephen Colen Kathleen Blasco Claire Niech Michelle Sangiuliano Shelly Rappaport Jon Ostrowski Cami CreasonJoel Griffin Carol Ostrowski Jan Lane Cathy Partridge Leslie Hope Mary Hanson Yvette LaGonerie Patty Todaro Bolin Roger Yasin Sharla Rausch Kristina Tanasichuk

Twyla Garrett

Traci Lembke

Debbie Dowling

Andrea Stone

Steven Lowery

Courtney Hammond

Ivy Ryerson

David Yang

Richard Rampersaud

Randolph Reid

Pamela Sharpe

Christopher Pathe

Jenifer Fritz

Christine Gaugler

Lilly Harris

Jim Williams

Tracy Townsend

Adam Clater

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