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Ideaventions Academy field trip with Fairfax County Search and Rescue

On Tuesday, April 26th, 2016, students from Ideaventions Academy went to the Lorton Training Site at the Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue. They first went inside to ask questions and meet one of the many K-9s used for finding people in rubble.There was a lot of questions going around Everyone was really happy to meet the dog! Next, they saw one of the machines used for removing rubble or any object the Search and Rescue team use. Then, the students explored a system used for detecting vibrations in a pile of concrete by using an amplifier of vibrations, which is converted into sound. Next, the students explored different modeled scenarios, ranging from cars crashing through a parking garage, to a bus balancing on a overpass. Some of the others included a helicopter crashing into a bar, getting yourself through a pile of smashed rubble, and a fragile house collapsing. The Search and Rescue team then demonstrated a "K-9" finding a person hidden in rubble. The dog was successful in finding the person. The kids loved the experience on the training site and want to do other things like that. That is what the Ideaventions Academy students did going to the Lorton Training Site at the Fairfax County Search and Rescue.

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