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WHS Hosts Ted Koppel to discuss Electric Grid Security

Kalyna White, WHS STEM Ambassador; Ted Koppel; and Kristina Tanasichuk, President WHS

WHS joined with the Government Technology & Services Coalition and InfragardNCR to host veteran reporter Ted Koppel for an evening to discuss his new book, Lights Out, about a cyber attack on the electric grid that would devastate the United States.

Mr. Koppel reviewed a number of scenarios but focused on the nation's lack of a plan to address a major and extended successful attack on our electric system. He outlined the various consequences of such an attack and discussed how different parts of the nation prepare for a cataclysmic event.

Kalyna White, STEM Ambassador to the Board of Directors, asked Mr. Koppel a question about how we are working with international partners to bring best practices to our policy planning.

Kalyna also manned an information table on our initiative and was able to secure more volunteers and one additional field trip.

Nearly 300 people attended the event held in March 2016.

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